For computerized dobby looms, the LoomPal makes life simple again. There is never a need to install or update drivers, figure out which COM port to use or worry about OS upgrades. Better still is that you don’t need a laptop or a PC hooked up to your loom or to wait for it to boot up. And it costs about the same as the just software you would otherwise need to purchase.

LoomPal driving a 16s AVL Production Loom
To use the LoomPal with your dobby loom, just mount it in a suitable location, plug its dobby cable into your loom, select your pattern and start to weave. The LoomPal works with most of today’s computerized dobby looms from AVL, Leclerc, Louet and others. See Specs for a complete list. The LoomPal drives your dobby loom at its full rated speed, usually faster than one pick per second. Never worry about overheating solenoids since the LoomPal rests them after any period of inactivity, but they’re always ready for the next pick.

16s Louet Magado Powered by LoomPal
Diagnostic functions are included to help troubleshoot any dobby/loom issues. You can send commands to engage/disengage any combination of solenoids for testing or adjustments. You can also see the dobby’s response to this or other commands sent to the dobby. If a dobby has a self test mode, it too can be enabled.

24s Leclerc Weavebird 2 Driven by a LoomPal (vertical mount)