Most of our mounting methods have a thumb screw which fastens to the built in threaded camera adapter in the base of every LoomPal. The two basic mounts are for horizontal or vertical members which allow for horizontal adjustment of the LoomPal. These work on most high castle looms. Each has a velcro strap which wraps around and snugs up to hold the mount rigid providing a solid platform. There are also hanging mounts with no strap which still allow for horizontal rotation.

AVL CD3 8s Home Loom (Horiz. Mount)
The ideal mounting position is straight on, although there is a wide margin with acceptiable operating positions. All of our mounts allow for horizonatl rotation and our wedge adapters can add +/-10 or +/- 20 degrees of vertical adjustment if desired.

8s Schacht Baby Wolf (Side Mount)
Included with each LoomPal is a GoPro adapter which allows you to use any of the GoPro system of attachments. The base threads on the LoomPal are 1/4"-20 with a suggested maximum insertion of 1/2" in case you make your own. You can also use a standard tripod or iphone mount. And, we plan to publish the STL files for many of our mounts so you can 3D print your own.

24s AVL CD2 - (Homemade Mount)