Are you going to have shaft sensors for my xyz loom?

Maybe. Initally we will be supporting Macomber and Schacht looms, but we have LoomPals on many different looms. Some are easier than others, but shaft sensors work on nearly all looms.

What about countermarche looms?

Not a priority, but we have a 12s Varpapu countermarch which has been in use for the last two years.

Some of the pictures show a large SD card, but you are using a micro SD?

The early units used a larger SD card, but we switched for a couple reasons. Primarly the larger cards are getting hard to find. Also, reliability issues made us abandon using the micro to large adapters.

Can the LoomPal be used with other than a WIF file?

Only WIF files are supported at this time.

How many WIF files can be put on a card?

Easily over a thousand, but a practical limit is one or two hundred.

If I buy a LoomPal and a Beatnik now, can I later use it on a dobby loom?

Of course. To use it on a dobby loom, you simply purchase a dobby cable. Or shaft sensors can be added or changed, but the unit stays the same.

What is the shaft limit on sensors?

Currently we are stopping at 16 shafts, although internally it is programmed for sensors up to 32 shafts. The limit for dobby looms is 64 shafts.

Can the volume be changed?

The volume is adjustable from OFF to maximum, as is the screen brightness.

How long does it take to read my pattern file?

WIF files are completely parsed and ready weave in under one second.

Can I download the manual?

Currently only a printed manual is provided.

Can my LoomPal be updated?

Of course. Just copy the update file to the SD card and hit Update. Takes less than one minute.