What Is It?

After more than two years of testing and much encouragement from weaving friends and beta testers (thanks), we’re finally making the LoomPal available to the rest of the weaving world. We believe the LoomPal offers more value for the money than any similar products. It’s a tool that you’ll keep as you move forward to other looms. 
The LoomPal™ is a universal tool for looms. For non-dobby looms, it assists the weaver in never loosing their place while weaving possibly long, complicated weaving patterns, at the same time keeping track of the number of picks, the length, project time and so on. If a sensor kit is added, exact treadling is assured by alerting the weaver to any attempt to mis-treadle. For table looms, every pick’s shaft sequence is shown in an easy to read format. For dobby looms, the LoomPal frees you from the need to have a computer of some sort sitting next to your loom with the associated headaches. 

Weave Mode Drawdown and Finished Cloth
The LoomPal is a compact color touch screen device which can handily find its place on nearly any loom. While diminutive in size, it’s easy on the eyes and easy to use. The high contrast screen’s font size is about the same as a computer screen’s and the touch sensitivity is easy and predictable. We have many mounting methods to accommodate your loom, or you can use the built in camera fitting to make your own. See Mounting.

Horiz. Mount Schacht 8s with Shaft Sensors
Some of the features included with every LoomPal are; graphical and table based display of the tieup, graphical display of the drawdown with the ability to zoom in or out, threading tool, float calculator, heddle count, programmable tabby between picks, display of color table, dobby tests and a lot more. See Features.