WIF Info

The patterns read from the SD card are in the WIF (Weaving Information File) standard. Nearly all weaving programs can export a WIF pattern which can then be saved on your card. WIFs can also be emailed or downloaded from blogs and repositories on the web. WIFs are small plain text files, so an ordinary text editor such as Notepad can be used to view or make changes to one if necessary.

The WIF format was created by Ravi Nielson and others in 1997 (version 1.1) which is still the official standard. It was designed to be extensible, allowing nearly any additional information to be included such as XML and JSON as well as proprietary data. The complete specification can be downloaded here.

Some On-line WIF Sources

WeaveZine: an online magazine for handweavers
Articles about techniques, supplemented with the WIF files.

Judie Eatough
Written class material and a repository of WIF files.

Handweaving Net
Paid site with many WIF drafts and historic weaving Documents.